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I can do it mom

The morning sun is now coming and gives me a source of energy. I am always invited to look at the whole earth. I always wanted to be like a bird whose voice is echoed by wind and clouds, like a branch that is friendly to wind and air, wants to be like a twilight that unifies sky and earth.Impianku always accompany all efforts and struggles of this life.
They say my dreams are too big. I say those who think too small. I used to open my ears for them. But now no! I do not want to hear it again. I’m sure, the process will never betray the result.
I closed the last book I was targeting today. Books are somehow the order I read. I always visit every afternoon at the local library in my city center, just to add insight and knowledge.
At 22:52 it is not appropriate for a 17-year-old to come home from work at this hour. My life is complicated, it’s just to finish a school that has not finished yet. So I am always angry at those who easily live. But do not know grateful. Did not they know that many people out there who are struggling to live life with a barrage of barriers. There again, already living shortages, lazing too. As there is no good destiny for them. There is no intention of fighting.
I can only reflect and think. Is there something wrong with a creature like myself. Many people who underestimate my dream. Many people who laugh after knowing my dream. Many are also sarcastic. And there are also who membuliku because of my dream.
A middle-aged woman tries to calm her sobbing daughter. The woman hugs her daughter as she strokes her hair. “Come on, do not worry about the people out there,” whispered the middle-aged woman to calm her son’s heart. “Mother understand what Tyas rasain, mother understand nduk, mother just pesen aja same tyas you do not expect to mengelanjutin college, you understand nduk?” he continued. I can only bow the head.
I do not want to give up, I’m determined to achieve my dreams, and I’ll make it to everyone that I can.
My spirit in learning is very high to face the National Examination that live a few more days. Moreover, the school is luring scholarship for students who get the highest score.
When the graduation announcement arrived, the rowdy atmosphere changed to silence as the Principal rose to the stage to read out who was the 1st winner and would get a scholarship. The students listened to the Principal’s speech and advice. All students were also awaiting the announcement of who the students were getting scholarships for this year.
“Okay. I do not want to talk too much. It seems like the kids are already wondering who gets the scholarship for this year,” explained the Headmaster.
“And who gets this year’s scholarship is … congratulations to Tyas Alfiana.”
The applause from my friends sounded very enthusiastic. A water dripped from my eyelids. As if I did not believe in it, the prayers I prayed for this time finally came true and the pessimists against me now put proud. I shouted in my heart ” Alhamdulillah Oh God I finally made it “.